Telephone Covers
Product ID : TP01
Custom fit for over 500 different models of telephones.
Acrylic Telephone Stand (TSTD1)
Product ID : TSTD1
Acrylic Telephone Stand (TSTD2)
Acrylic Telephone Stand (TSTD2)
Product ID : TSTD2
Acrylic Telephone Stand (TSTD2)
Alpha Decoder
Product ID : BBAD4
Four assorted colors per pack
Telephone Covers-Biosafe Anti-Microbial Telephone Seels Prevents the spread of germs. Precision molded of ultra thin, strong, flexible, non-glare, polyurethane material. Eliminate down time for maintenance and costly cleaning Viziflex Seels protect all types of portable phones, desktop, wall mounted and console.Disposable Mouthpiece Covers-Great for hotels, hospitals or other places telephones are used by the public Compact & lightweight for travel Elastic band for easy installation Acrylic Telephone Stand-Viziflex’s Acrylic Telephone Stands provide an organized, easily-accessible desk component for your work space. Our phone stands provide you with more convenient access to your phone, as well as additional storage space preventing work surface clutter Blackberry alpha decoder-Easy to use aid for dialing alpha phone numbers or extensions by name 4 assorted colors per pack-2 per color Adhesive backed for easy installation to the back of any cell phone or holder