Screen Protector

Screen visors Adjustable one size fits all Easy to attach and remove with velcro Expands to 17" wide, fitting most computer monitors Screen visor for laptops-The convenient, portable way to eliminate glare on all of today's notebook and laptop computers. The smart way to eliminate "screen washout!" Adjustable, one-size-fits-all, for notebook and laptop computers Easy to attach & remove. Radius edges allow comfortable keyboard access Compact, lightweight design - folds conveniently into your briefcase or computer carrying case Durable high quality construction; the professional's choice for field use Privacy issues eliminated; the commuter's friend - great for trains and planes Expands to 14" wide. fitting most laptops Privacy Filters Insures complete privacy Smudge and glare resistant Easy to apply and easy to clean Composed of a 3 layer composite film for durability