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Universal Disposable (50 Pack)
Universal & Disposable Box of 50-elastic edges
Laptop Disposable Skins
3 Different Sizes
TV Remote Covers Disposable - 10
Prevents transmission of germs
TV Remote Covers Disposable - 25
iPad Disposable Seel
Ideal for medical facilities and food processing plants. Provides complete...
keyboard-Easy to install & remove. Sewn elastic edge secures the Disposable Skin to the keyboard. Great in hospitals, laboratories, dental offices, and food processing plants where all items must be disposable for contamination control. Constructed of .002 clear polyurethane material. Laptop-Easily wraps around laptop with elastic edges * 3 different sizes to fit all laptops * Ideal for short term or one time use tv remote-Ideal for the Medical Environment · Reduces cross contamination between patients and visitors · Reduces cleaning time and repairs · Fits securely with a sewn elastic edge and draw string · Designed to fit Lodgenet and On Command remotes but can be easily modified **According to a University of Arizona study, TV remotes are the single dirtiest item in hospital patient rooms. Additional studies show persistent bacteria and virus contamination on TV remotes in hotel rooms and in the home. ipad disposable seel- Ideal for medical facilities and food processing plants * Provides complete iPad protection * Can be used long term as well as short term * Easy to install and remove