Anti-Microbial Covers and Seels

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Mouse Covers
Product ID : MC01
Protect your Mouse from contamination and the spread of germs.
Telephone Covers
Product ID : TP01
Custom fit for over 500 different models of telephones.
Biosafe® Anti Microbial Spray - 2 oz
Product ID : BAMS02
Great for furniture, clothes and computer equipment
Biosafe® Anti Microbial iPad Viziflex Seels
Product ID : 706G00
Designed for the iPad and iPad 2. Protects against dust, spills, and the...
Biosafe® Anti-Microbial Laptop Screen Covers
Product ID : AMLSC01
Biosafe® Anti-Microbial Monitor Covers
Product ID : AMMTS01
Provides Biosafe® anti microbial protection for the monitor Seals front and...
Keyboard & Laptop Covers
Product ID : vs001
Biosafe® Anti Microbial Keyboard/laptop Covers
Hot Deal
Product ID : VSAM01
Protects computer keyboards from the transmission of germs. Permanent...

Anti-microbial covers,seel in safety for your keyboard,laptop,telephone,mouse,ipad,kindle,nook,healthcare protection,tv remote Viziflex seels has now incorporated Biosafe® anti-microbial coating. Viziflex Seels is the only company to offer anti-microbial protection on keyboard covers,ipad covers,mouse covers,and telephone covers. The Biosafe® polymer resin helps provide protection against microbes and bacteria on the surface of these mentioned products. The Biosafe® coating inhibits the microbes ability to reproduce and spread. The coated (Biosafe®) Viziflex Seel will provide the same flexibility, clarity and strength as our standard product. ipad covers-Designed for the iPad and iPad 2 Protects against dust, spills, and the spread of germs Form-fitting wrap around design Secured to the back of the iPad with double-sided adhesive